Episode 1 Dream Home 6 ~ Facade & Alfresco Reveal

When it comes to building new and more importantly building to sell, the key is street appeal. We needed to achieve maximum impact! This home had to stand out among the crowd and make passer’s by stop in their tracks. With small block designs, this is easier said than done. Given a 450 square meter block, with a 13m wide frontage and practical double garage requirement, this house design was proving more difficult than we had originally planned.

But…you know us, we’re always up for the challenge! Small does not have to mean boring. So, to add the country cottage charm and make quite the impression, we introduced the bay window. Wait until you see it, it sure does achieve that cosy feel we were aspiring to.

Happy watching! xx



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  1. Hi, Could you please tell me the name of the Hume door used on Dream House 6. I can not find it on their Hume doors website?? Thanks Pennie

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