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Striving to enhance indoor outdoor living in your new home is a huge part of your design journey. With benefits ranging from enhanced livability and quality of life, to boosting the resale value of your property, it seems like a no brainer! 

Indoor outdoor living is always high on our priority list when designing a new home, and our latest project “Dream Home 8” was no exception.


Finding The Best Vantage Point

The first question you should ask yourself when standing on your block of land is “which way has the best view?”

This is typically what you want to take advantage of when mastering your indoor outdoor living and floor plan. Rather than wasting the beautiful scenery on a bathroom or laundry, allow your main living spaces to capitalize on the view. 

You will also want to consider which orientation will allow for optimal natural lighting throughout your main living spaces. The key here is to have those rooms facing north to capture every last gleam of the low winter sun. 

If the position of your land doesn’t allow for a picture perfect view, don’t stress! This blog has got you covered. 


The Bigger, The Better

Increasing the size of your windows may seem like a costly investment, but believe us, they are worth every cent! There are so many benefits to investing in larger windows, especially when your mission is to create seamless indoor outdoor living

Here is why we love them: 

-Invites an influx of natural light #glowup.

-Keeps your home warm through winter.

-Makes the home feel bigger and brighter.

-Easy to keep an eye on the kids in the backyard.

-Frames the beauty of the outdoors.  

Have we convinced you yet?! 

If you are concerned about privacy, window coverings will be your best friend. Sheer curtains are a staple in our home builds as they provide the perfect amount of privacy, while still allowing that gorgeous natural light to filter through. After something a little bit more “heavy duty”? Consider pairing blockout blinds with light filtering blinds for the best of both worlds. 

In Dream Home 8, we chose light filtering ‘Sanctuary’ blinds in the colour ‘Plaster’ from Andersons for our main living areas. This allowed us to capture the views of the pool all year ‘round, while still being able to block out the sun on those hot summer afternoons


Outlining The Oasis

Sitting on a suburban block in a residential area?

Dreaming of a resort style backyard? 

Allow us to let you in on a little secret – you don’t need views of the mountains or ocean to create an outdoor space overflowing with tranquility. 

The key is to stop underestimating the power of a fabulous fence – they can do so much more than create privacy in your backyard! After designing a knock-out pool and entertaining area for Dream Home 8, we knew that a standard wooden fence just wouldn’t cut it. Instead, we used the VogueWall cladding from Modular Walls, and painted it to perfectly match the exterior cladding of the home. When you look out the windows of Dream Home 8, rather than being met with an eyesore, you see a gorgeous wall of art framing the outdoor space. 

Oh, and did we mention it will increase the value and street appeal of your property?


That’s The Spot!

Not too long ago, simply chucking a pool in the backyard was the standard way of doing things. But much has changed over the last few years in terms of finding the perfect placement for your pool. 

Depending on the size of your backyard and the orientation of your floorplan, placing your pool in the back corner may still be the way to go. However, if your floor plan allows for it, consider bringing the pool closer to the home. Not only will it be easier to keep an eye on the kids, it will also completely elevate the feel from inside your home. Holiday vibes at home all year round? We vote yes!


Simplify Your Selections

The key to success when creating indoor outdoor living is to carry the same colours and materials throughout the home. Using the same materials in different areas of the house will create a cohesive feel and close the divide between your indoor and outdoor spaces.

We have already discussed how we painted our feature fence the same colour as the exterior of Dream Home 8, but we didn’t stop there! Opting to use the same tiles in the alfresco and pool area allowed us to infuse connectivity and continuity into the outdoor spaces. And, it made our decision making process that much easier!


Gorgeous Greenery

Do not underestimate the power of a good palm to transform your home from a cookie cutter suburban house to a holiday home. The addition of lush greenery in your backyard will not only be appreciated from the outside of your home, but also each and every time you look out the window. 

However it is equally important to choose the right plants for your home. Take some time to research different varieties before you lock in your final decision. Make sure you consider:

-What suits the style of your home? 

-How big will they grow? 

-How much water will they need?

-Will their sunlight needs be suitable for the conditions of your backyard?.



Choose tube stocks (smaller, less established plants), and watch your investment bloom with a little TLC! 


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