Episode 5 Dream Home 6 ~ Kitchen, Living & Dining Reveal

It is the last episode of the series and believe us when we say, we have saved the very BEST until last!


The kitchen-living-dining areas are always a crowd pleaser and we think you’ll be well pleased with the cosy country cottage design ideas we’ve achieved throughout the kitchen and the rest of the living space. From the floors and curtains to curved island bench top, tune in to see all the finer design detail.


When creating a dream home, natural light should always be a priority across the main living areas. To maximise this, we strategically designed the living areas and alfresco to be north oriented. We didn’t stop there; in fact we took it one step further. Given our kitchen didn’t sit on an external wall, we thought it only fitting to add a gorgeous skylight with wait for it…a curved void (if you know you know)! This allows bucket loads of sunlight to stream into the home, insert love heart eyes here. And, just in case you were wondering, yes, we also managed to squeeze in a walk-in butler’s pantry #wahoo!





4 thoughts on “Episode 5 Dream Home 6 ~ Kitchen, Living & Dining Reveal”

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  2. What a gorgeous kitchen. I didn’t realise you can get shaker style profile in Laminex – how exciting! Is it as durable as polyurethane?
    p.s. I also love that you share all of your style ideas for us novices to use – thank you 🙂

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